Test substances are prepared from organic, raw materials following strict preparation protocols and quality assurance guidelines.  From one batch of reagent to another, the items are fingerprinted to ensure consistency in their properties and potency. The reagents are then tracked and trended to ensure that the items reflect their original state in the real world.  Our manufacturing division is an FDA registered medical device establishment and is also ISO EN 13485 certified as a medical device manufacturer. To prepare the test items a precise quantity of the test substance is delivered into a well in the test cassette and then the entire cassette is put through a drying process.  The dispensing system is accurate within a 1% range.  There are fifty five wells arrayed in the specially designed cassette.  Different substances; such as foods, additives, colorings, environmental chemicals, medicinal herbs, functional foods, commonly used drugs, molds, each go into a different individual cassette well to allow for a variety of test combinations.