If you’re experiencing signs your body has inflammation, it can crop up in the form of various symptoms, and be a sign of a number of different health concerns. Usually, inflammation is associated with joint health, since arthritis is one of the top causes of pain and swelling. But inflammation can be associated with other health concerns, beyond swollen joints.

While you’ll want to tell your doctor, if you happen to notice any of these symptoms, keep in mind that not all inflammation is bad. In fact, “we have two types of inflammation: acute and chronic,” nutrition coach Amanda Sauceda, MS, RDN,CLT, tells Bustle. “Acute inflammation is important to our health because it helps us heal. Think about when you twist your ankle and it becomes hot, red, and swollen. That is part of [your] body’s response to help heal the injury.” And it’ll go away, once your ankle is healed.

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