Researchers from Yale School of Medicine, Section of Digestive Diseases; and Dept. of Pediatrics, take step in understanding the immunology of food intolerance

By Cell Science Systems

May 23, 2014 DEERFIELD BEACH, FL., May 23, 2014 – Everyone knows the difference between food allergy and food intolerance. Allergy is mediated by a well understood pathway, involving IgE as the final trigger, and it produces immediate symptom onset. It can also be life threatening. Therefore, patients with suspected true food allergy should seek the care of a board certified allergist. Food intolerance is…

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(share) Why Your Insurance Company Will Pay You to Take Your Medicine

By Robert J. Szczerba

Robert J. Szczerba Forbes Contributor – Science and Technology Insights & Innovations CEO – X Tech Ventures Summary The healthcare industry is rapidly changing. With continuing education and research, insurance companies are now shifting from a “fee per service” model to a “fee for outcome” model. The new model is more focused on preventive care. The idea is to keep individuals healthy and out of hospitals; this new…

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Gut Microbes and Gluten: Your Bacteria Might Be Gluten-Sensitive

By Patricia Shelton MD

Most health-conscious people know about celiac disease, in which the wheat protein gluten leads to an immune reaction that causes serious damage to the lining of the small intestine.   Certain features of gluten make it more likely to induce immune responses than other proteins. One key difference is that gluten is less amenable to being broken down by the enzymes that normally digest proteins.…

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