Food Allergen Eliminations for Obesity Reduction: A Comparison Study
with Therapeutic Exercise

Buck Willis F MBBS, PhD, FACSM1,
Ram Shanmugam PhD, and
Sarah A Curran PhD, BSc (Hons)


Published in Food Science & Nutrition Research

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It has been estimated that over 75% of the US population have hidden food allergies which may be a contributing cause to the obesity epidemic. The purpose of the comparison, study was to compare changes from removing food allergens (alone) versus food allergen elimination combined with proven multi-discipline protocols for obesity reduction.


Seventeen subjects had food allergen identification performed (leukocyte reactions, ALCAT tests) and these foods were eliminated. Ten subjects chose to also employ proven Combined Treatment protocols (Eating natural foods 5/day in “Single-portion” sizes and performing brief “Aerobic-surge” exercises 5/day). The duration of this study was 90 days.


There was a significant change in weight for all subjects (P < 0.0001) and there was also a statistically significant difference between groups (P < 0.0001). In comparison, the Combined Treatment showed a 75% greater weight loss (-12.4Kg), 80% greater fat percentage reduction (-5.4%), and 70% greater BMI reduction (3.6).


Food allergen elimination was beneficial for obesity reduction in this comparison study and use of food allergen elimination with therapeutic protocols was even more effective.