Currently in R&D

The R&D team is in the process of developing and implementing over ten projects including several new assays, machinery, several varied antigens, and new testing processes. These innovations are being implemented into our practice anywhere from one month to one year from today. Projects such as varied antigens are always ongoing.

The Cell Science Systems R&D team consists of approximately ten scientists from across the world. These scientists are involved in testing, manufacturing, engineering, research and genetics. Ideas for improvements are constantly being generated and executed from different avenues.

For new assays, the science team will collectively look at what markers in the functional medicine industry could be relevant, new and innovative. Cell Science wants to ensure it also aligns with the core philosophy of the company.

New ideas for process improvements come from analysis and review of current processes. From there, ideas are formulated to design experiments in order to validate and verify if those ideas will work and can be implemented.

For machinery/product development, R&D discusses the lifecycle and projected goals for functionality. Feedback from current clients who use the ROBOCatII instrument is taken into consideration to determine when upgrades and improvements are necessary.