Roger Davis Deutsch – President and CEO

Roger Deutsch is one of the pioneers of food and chemical sensitivities testing with involvement in this field since 1986. He has been responsible for the commercialization of the Alcat Test throughout the world. He is the co-author of Your Hidden food Allergies are Making You Fat. Roger serves as the CEO of Cell Science Systems, Corp. (Deerfield Beach Florida).  He is also the CEO of Alcat Europe (GmbH, Berlin, Germany).


Samy Puccio – Vice President

Samy Puccio is the Vice President of Manufacturing and is one of the key developers of the ROBOCat II instrument, the test agent cassette and the Alcat Test.  He has been involved with the research and development of the Alcat Test since its conception in 1984, including performing research studies, method development, instrument programming, data analysis and reagent development.  He directed the design and development of the new ROBOCat II in 2000 and currently manages the manufacturing department and the international business deployment, responsible for technical support, installations and presentations throughout our international community.  Samy has over 20 years of experience in information technology, immunology, system integration, quality engineering, FDA and ISO regulatory compliance and Good Manufacturing Practices. He attended both the University of Miami and Florida International University and has undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences.  Samy is fluent in Italian, French and Spanish. He currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys sports, movies and is an avid fisherman.


Dr. Dino Celeda , PhD – Science Officer

Dr. Dino Celeda holds a PhD in Biology from the Ruprecht Karls Universitaet, Heidelberg, Germany. He specialized in Human Genetics and did his training and held positions at many renowned Institutions including; Friedrich Schiller Universitaet, Jena, Germany, Institut National de La Recherche Agronimique, Jouy en Josas, France, Krankenhaus Harlaching, Munich, Germany. Dr. Celeda also held senior R&D positions at the Umweltmedizinisches Labor Munich commercial laboratory, and was co-founder and scientific advisor of numerous commercial laboratories in Europe, including Meagen Tech AG, JenaBiotech GmbH, Pecus Diagnostics AG, GenSod Ag. Dr. Celeda also held positions in the U.S. as Director of Science and Director of Genetic Testing.


David Dittmar, PhD – Laboratory Director

David received a BS degree in Medical Technology from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Miami.  He did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital Complex and then worked in R&D at Coulter Immunology.  In 1983 he began a career in commercial clinical laboratory testing at Sekot Laboratories in Miami, FL, and then continued at Doctors Laboratory, Inc. and Solstas Lab Partners.  He has been a clinical laboratory director for over 29 years and holds director’s licenses from the States of Florida and Georgia. He is board certified in medical and public health virology by the American Board of Medical Microbiology, and throughout his career he has been active in the development of clinical tests in microbiology and immunology. David resides with his family in Miami, FL


Phillip Reitz- Chief Financial Officer 

Phillip Reitz is the Chief Financial Officer for Cell Science Systems. He is responsible for the overall financial leadership of Cell Science Systems and his main focus is on implementing strategies that will keep the company focused on maintaining the best financial position available. He has most previously worked as a Controller and Senior Director of Finance for the NHL Florida Panthers and as Senior Director of Finance for the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Phil has a BS degree in Accounting from Stockton State College in New Jersey and over 25 years of prior industry experience in Accounting and Finance. He currently resides in Deerfield Beach, FL with his two teenage daughters, Samantha and Gabriella.


Anja Noa Koch – International Marketing Manager

CEO of Cell Science Systems GmbH, Germany and International Marketing Manager at Cell Science Systems Corp.  Anja  is an entrepreneur who has established the German subsidiary of Cell Science Systems. She has several years of experience working in the field of alternative health. Prior to that, Anja while working at an NGO, was involved in leading projects in business development in the Middle East.


Jason Deutsch – Director of Marketing

Jason Deutsch is a technical/digital marketing and web application developer. Jason focuses on designing enjoyable user experiences and communicating with clarity.