Understanding how genetics, the immune system and gut microbiota relate to IBD, celiac disease and other GI disorders

The gut microbiome performs many regulatory functions in the host, including control of inflammatory processes in the gut. This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the elucidation of the process of autophagy. Genes that interfere with normal autophagy have been shown to influence inflammation in the gut. This webinar will explore the interaction of the genotype, the immune system, and the gut microbiota in relation to Crohn’s and celiac disease. The genetic and serological markers for Crohn’s and celiac will be explained to enable clear interpretation of lab results. In addition, highlights from recent studies from the Yale… Continue reading →

Introduction to Methylation Genetics from Dr. Zenker, MD

Dr. Bernarda Zenker presented research on methylation genetics and provided us an into to topics such as micronutrients for therapeutic benefit and understanding SNPs. Dr. Zenker provides great visuals of the methylation pathways and understanding exactly how our environment interacts with our bodies. We have found that “genetics are the foundational mechanism in health and disease,” says Dr. Zenker. If we know our mutations many of our problems can be bypassed. Methylation has been a broad topic since the human genome was sequenced and released in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The single most important bit of information regarding… Continue reading →

Judith Lukaszuk, PhD from NIU educates us on recent studies on the gut microbiome

Judith Lukaszuk, PhD from Northern Illinois University visited the Cell Science Systems laboratory to give an update on recent studies with the gut microbiome for 2015/2016 as well as reveal the results of newly published research her team performed with the Alcat Test. The purpose of this pre/posttest double blind study was to see if the foods people consume have an effect on total body inflammation. The results as Dr. Lukaszuk says, “are very exciting for Alcat, Cell Science Systems.” Continue reading →

Dr. David Brady’s – Autoimmune Diseases: Leaving the era of reaction and entering the era of prediction

Event Details Recently, one of our advisors, Dr. David Brady, visited the Cell Science Systems laboratory. During his time, Dr. David Brady joined us live in studio and educated us further on the growing epidemic of autoimmunity as a modern epidemic. In this session, Dr. David Brady, licensed naturopathic physician and clinical nutritionist, discusses autoimmune disease through the functional medicine lens.                To learn more on Dr. David Brady, his most recent book, The Fibro Fix, and The Fibro Fix Summit please visit: www.fibrofix.com www.fibrofixsummit.com www.DrDavidBrady.com   Continue reading →