Ben Leber [NFL] speaks about the Alcat Test on FAN 100.3 Radio


Last week Cell Science Systems was recognized by retired NFL standout, Ben Leber, who played 10 seasons in the league.

The Alcat Test helped Leber achieve a higher level of health by following a personalized nutrition plan and eliminating his food “culprits” that were causing him adverse reactions.

As he points out, the food and chemical sensitivity test identified foods and other items that were causing inflammation in his body. By following the elimination and rotation meal pattern, he was able to reduce the chronic inflammation and express how much better he felt.

To the surprise of many, the offending and reactive foods could be considered “healthy” like kale or flax seed, and in the example of another Hall of Fame NFL player, it was chicken. Whether you’re experiencing digestive issues, joint or muscle pain, migraines, headaches, fatigue, or other bothersome symptoms,  identify your food culprits!

Listen in as Leber explains how the Alcat Test, a simple blood test, can help you eliminate inflammation and resolve those chronic symptoms.  


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