Immunology IV: Clinical Applications in Health and Disease, is the most recent contribution in immunology to be authored by Dr.  Joseph A. Bellanti and with the publication of this landmark fourth edition all the new findings, knowledge and research in immunology are brought together in one comprehensive, up-to-date volume.

The perfect solution not only for faculty seeking to fully present this complex scientific discipline to students by focusing on its relation to real world clinical problem-solving, the book is ideally suited for members of the entire medical and scientific professions. It is also the ideal reference for residents and fellows preparing for certification and board examinations as well as a crucial resource for researchers and clinicians.

Bellanti’s IMMUNOLOGY IV is more than a new edition – it revolutionizes the way immunology is presented. The structure, content and pedagogy allow users to retain more knowledge in less time than with traditional methods.

The book contains 25 chapters written by national and international experts and each chapter begins by presenting a case study which prompts the reader to delve into a deeper understanding of the immunologic principles and mechanisms that have caused or led to the expression of specific clinical and laboratory findings. Within its 1063 pages, this reference contains over 800 newly created, full-color, vividly illustrated figures and is accompanied with an online version with animations, illustrations, interactive study questions and critical thinking aids.

In the Preface of the book, Dr. Bellanti explains: “What was once a discipline defined in descriptive terms is now becoming better understood at the genomic and molecular levels.” Because of this change in direction and scope of immunology and the resulting rapid development of treatment options, it is essential for students, residents and practitioners to fully understand the clinical implications of these evolving molecular concepts of immunologic principles and mechanisms.

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The 4th edition of Immunology is available on the official site and amazon.

About the Chief Editor:

Joseph A. Bellanti, MD is Director of the International Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Immunology at Georgetown University Medical Center ( and Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology-Immunology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, the author of over 400 original articles and the current editor-in-chief of Allergy, Asthma Proceedings.