Joe Rogowski
Strength and Conditioning Coach – Orlando Magic

I’ve seen very good results with the Alcat Test and often recommend it to the athletes I work with.


David Ortiz
Major League Baseball player

“I can feel the difference when I swing the bat, and when I work out, I don’t get as tired.”


Chris Hovan
National Football League player

“I can see that I’ve lost some of my body fat and that can only be beneficial for me as the season comes”


Justin Morneau
Major League Baseball player

“I took the Alcat Test, as athletes are always seeking new ways to enhance performance, and diet plays an essential role in their ability to do so. Morneau states, “It’s not like I’ll choke or die from eating those things, but my body reacts poorly to them. It treats them as something I’m allergic to and fights the inflammation instead of the inflammation from an injury.”


Cliff Floyd
Major League Baseball player

“I took the test and immediately told myself that if this is right, and this is right for me, I will do this by the book. I had a severe reaction to hazelnut and then some moderate reactions to some other foods. I cut those foods out, cut all sugar out for a month and immediately lost thirty five pounds.”


Dave Gauder
22 Guinness World Strength Record Holder

“After taking the test, I have more strength. When I would normally take a rest after workouts in the afternoon, I can carry straight through the day and no need or desire to stop for a break. I recommend it to anyone looking for that edge on the competition and for good health in general”


JJ Redick
National Basketball Association player

“Diet plays a key role in reaching peak performance, the Alcat Test showed me what foods were right for me”


Christian Mayer
World Champion Skier

“Within just four weeks of taking the test and following the food plan, I lost 5 kilograms (11 pounds), my stuffy nose and throat problem has completely cleared up, and I now have tremendously more strength during training.”


Andrea Brede
European Ironman Champion

“With the Alcat Test, I have found a strong partner that helps me to have a better general condition and willingness to reach an optimized performance.


David Booth
National Hockey League player

“The Alcat Test has helped me to be more alert and vigilant during my games and has helped improve my speed and performance.”